I wanted to correct a few errors I made in my previous blog postings. In the posting “Cats Everywhere,”, I stated that there are about 10 or 11 cats residing in the cafe. That number is also wrong. It’s more like 15 to 20 cats and kittens.

In last night’s blog posting on Culture Shock, I mentioned that for all intents and purposes, I am functionally illiterate in Taiwan. That is overstating things a bit. I am, as it turns out, just illiterate.

Anyway, I’m back in the cat cafe after a busy day, which I’ll blog about in lovingly pedantic detail tomorrow. I ordered a glass of Glenmorangie Burgundy, thinking that it was red wine. Instead, I got a tumbler with a shot of really strong whiskey at the bottom. After taking a few tentative sips, I went back to the bar to ask for some ice cubes. The bartender took my glass and said he’d redeliver it to my table. It came back with a single large exquisitely handchipped block of what is no doubt double-purified mineral water. I love this cafe–twenty cats, ice cream teas and artisanal ice. I’m in heaven.