I hereby present another iMovie experiment, this time on the wonders of Re-ment Japanese toy miniatures. Today, Ron and I were in Taipei 101 when I stumbled upon the Re-ment fifth anniversary exhibit at Toyland, which runs through Sept. 20 (at least that is my understanding). My head nearly exploded into teeeny little bits. Re-ment are hand-painted plastic 1/6 scale miniatures from Japan that have gained a cult following throughout Asia. They are issued in sets with themes drawn mainly from Japanese culture and daily life. I first learned about Re-ment because I wanted accessories for my Blythe dolls, but my Re-ment obsession has really taken on a life of its own. My video is a brief primer on the wonders of Re-ment–I hope you enjoy it (I certainly had a good time making it).

You can find more pics of the exhibit here. Check out the Re-ment Addicts Flickr group for gorgeous photos of Re-ment in action.