Today was a typhoon day in Taipei, which is basically like a snow day, except more wet and less fun. The wind speed at the center of Typhoon Wipha (韋帕), as this particular one was so melodiously named, was estimated at 155kph per hour, with gusts of up to 191kph, according to this article. Typhoons blow through Taiwan pretty frequently, but typhoon days, when the government orders schools, businesses and government offices to close, are relatively rare occurances–this one is just the second one this year. Still, my teacher told us that Taipei residents are pretty blase about them–on typhoon days, he’ll see lines of people with their umbrellas standing in front of movie theaters. Most shops, stalls and restaurants close, but a few remain open. I did not go catch a movie or dine out, however, as I am still nursing a cold (and my bottle of Pei Pa Koa). I think I am very lucky that my sick day coincided with typhoon day, as I was feeling particularly lousy when I got up this morning. I’d be even happier, however, if I weren’t sick. Bleurgh.