This particular post is for my former co-worker Alex, since he seems to have a particularly avid interest in Crocs, despite inexplicably refusing to own a pair.


Crocs are all over the place in Taipei. This particular store was in the fashionable XinYi shopping district. Crocs are also sold in athletic shoe stores, sports equipment shops and in counterfeit versions on virtually every street corner. I think they are actually pretty practical to have in Taipei. It rains all the time here, but is usually too humid for rainboots, so Crocs are a nice alternative to have on hand. In fact, I’d like to get a pair so I don’t ruin my nice leather shoes any more than I already have. Unfortunately, Crocs make me look like a friggin’ Asian Oompa Loompa, so it’s just not going to happen.


This store is located near National Taiwan University, the top university in all of Taiwan, which just goes to show that just because you are smart does not mean you are immune from the pandemic of fugly foam shoes.

And because this post is the Alex edition, here are pictures of a cute little mini-schnauzer I met on Heping East Road interspersed with pictures of… Crocs!!! I met the little doggy outside of a clothing store. He tried to run inside, but his owner shooed him back out and then sat his butt down so I could take photos of him. But the petulant pup kept refusing to look at my camera.

schnauzer1.JPG Crocs schnauzer2.JPG

This style is called “Death on an Escalator.”

schnauzer3.JPG multi-crocs schnauzer4.JPG

Hey Alex, I think you need a pair of these for winter.