[If you arrived at my blog looking for information on how to write a formal letter in Chinese, click here.]

That my mom didn’t write out for me to copy and send to my grandparents, that is.

My first letter in Chinese!

Our homework assignment tonight was to write a letter to our family to let them know what how we are doing. If you want to see a translation of the letter, just click on the picture to go to its Flickr page, and move your cursor over the photo to see my notes.

I’m taking an intensive beginners course, which means we learn about 40 new characters every four days. Since I’ve been in class for a month and have completed five lessons, that means I know about 200 characters, which can be combined into many more vocabulary words. Yay! I am clawing my way towards functional illiteracy, once pen stroke at a time!

Anyway, I’ll blog more about my class tomorrow, but I have to go to sleep now. Did I mention that I have six hours of homework per night? Did I mention that we have a quiz or test everyday? WAAAAAH!!! I mean, woo-hoo, Mandarin is fun!