Oh joy, oh rapture, unconfined! A Taipei yarn store at last is mine (well, not actually mine). This is great because I’ve been playing with my hair way too much lately, and I really need to get some other type of fiber in my hands before my long, silky locks become all frazzled. That, and I like to knit.

Anyway, my new favorite local yarn store is called 小珍珍手藝行 (xiǎo zhēn zhēn shǒu yì háng), which basically translates to Little Treasure craft store. The shop’s DIY-Crafts.com.tw entry is here. It’s located at 6, Lane 34, Xinhai Rd Sec. 1, Taipei City (台北市大安區辛亥路一段34巷6號), tel: (02)2363-8168, Google map. The closest MRT station is Taipower Building, second exit. As an aside, I really hate it when guidebooks and maps don’t include the address in Chinese for attractions and shops. It doesn’t matter if you can’t read it–the important thing is that your cab driver or whoever is helping you with directions can. So whenever I mention a shop or something that isn’t a major tourist destination on my blog, I’ll try to include the Chinese address or relevant links whenever I can.

Anyway,小珍珍手藝行 is an awesome shop. I neglected to take photos while I was there, but here is one I yoinked from this blog entry:

This particular entry and all the reviews I’ve read mention how warm and helpful the shop owners are, which I found to be the case. They will help you find a pattern and a suitable yarn if you have a knitting hankering, but no project in mind. The yarn selection is also amazing. As you can see, the shop is crammed to the gills with bags and bags of yarn, and carries several well-known, premium-quality brands. They have a nice selection of Noro Silk Garden, for instance, Addi Turbo needles and DMC embroidery floss.

My mom bought me several skeins of Noro Silk Garden to knit Clapotis with, and a skein of merino wool to make a neck-cowl for herself. I brought a bunch of knitting needles and several skeins of Koigu fingering weight merino yarn with me to Taipei, but nothing else because I assumed I’d be too warm in
Taipei to knit anything from worsted-weight wool. As it turns out, it can get quite damp and cold in Taipei during the winter and a warm stole would be nice to have in the morning.

One problem with knitting wool garments in Taipei is that they might get moldy in the summer if you don’t store them carefully. Apparently, one thing you can do is install a 25-watt lamp bulb in your closet (obviously not touching any clothing) and keep it on. I might just buy a dehumidifier.

I am located within walking distance of quite a few yarn/craft stores, and I will write more about them later on. For now, here’s a Web site with addresses (the one for 小珍珍手藝行 is out of date, though, so I would call ahead if you plan to visit any of the stores). Ashley from Knitting in Tranquility also told me about several other sources of yarn for Taipei knitters. Thanks Ashley!