I’ve noticed that it’s been nine days since my last post. Shame on me! The thing is, I don’t like blogging unless I have something at least somewhat interesting to say, so sometimes I just don’t have anything to say. On the other hand, I have had an interesting week and a half–I saw my first squirrel in Taipei (it looked like an otter with a bushy tail. I’ll post a picture soon), started arranging a doll house for my Blythes, visited the 228 Memorial Museum for a report I am giving in class tomorrow, picked up tickets for our Chinese New Year’s trip to Miaoli and created a group for Taiwan knitters on Ravelry. But, most importantly, Friendly McHusky came back to me:

Bonding with McHusky

McHusky is a cat that used to hang out in the driveway of a model home/real-estate office on the corner of our block. Ron and I used to stop by there to play with his ginormous girth. The building got torn down last week, however, and I did not see McHusky for an entire week. I was so sad and worried, I cried. But then yesterday I saw a big fat furry pile in the window of the cat cafe! McHusky was sleeping soundly on a sofa! I was so happy!

Oh, McHusky, please never leave me like that again. I promise I’ll stop making fun of your silly tail:

Friendly McHusky and me

Anyway, I will blog about my visit to the 228 Memorial Museum after I humiliate myself in class tomorrow. My spoken Mandarin is still shaky, but to be honest, one of the main reasons it’s shaky is because I am so neurotic. Ron taught English for a while and he said that the students who made the most progress weren’t necessarily the ones who studied the hardest, but the ones who weren’t afraid to sound like idiots. Since I sound like an idiot already, I may as well revel in it. Onwards!