I forgot to mention that Ron and I went to see My Chemical Romance play at the National Taiwan University (Taida) Athletic Stadium on Jan. 27. We had press tickets because Ron interviewed the lead singer, Gerard Way, for the Taipei Times a couple of weeks ago (Warner Music also filmed the interview for their Taiwan Web site).

The stadium wasn’t packed to capacity, but there were still quite a few people there on a Sunday evening, and you can tell they were really into My Chemical Romance:

My Chemical Romance in Taipei

One girl held up a Spin magazine with MCR on the cover, like she was trying to shine her love onto the band all the way from the back row. I enjoyed the show, though I hadn’t really listened to My Chemical Romance before and I am not a fan of stadium concerts. In fact, the only stadium concert I’ve ever been to was when my parents decided that we as a family should go watch Coco Lee at Las Vegas. Prior to that, I had desperately wanted to go to the San Francisco stop of Hole and Marilyn Manson’s ill-fated joint tour in 1999, but my mother wouldn’t let me go. I can’t really blame her, but I’m still sad about it because, obviously, Hole is no more. I never really cared about Marilyn Manson, but I loved Hole. I think this was right after they had released Celebrity Skin, the album with Malibu, and the soundtrack of my senior year in high school.