Needy Cat has miraculously returned from whither she went! And by whither, I mean the National Taiwan University men’s dorm. What the heck was she doing there? National Taiwan University (Taida) is within walking distance if you are a human, but it’s pretty far for a cat. The cat cafe’s owner said she thought Needy must have gotten trapped in the back of someone’s truck, been driven out there and unable to find her way back. She’s only been at the dorm a few days, though, so she must have had quite a journey. A few students saw her, started feeding her and figured out the cat cafe’s contact info from her collar (the phone number had rubbed off, apparently). She looks to be in fine shape, so she must have made other friends along the way.

Anyway, the cat cafe people saw me walking by this afternoon and let me know the felicitious news. I went in to see Needy Cat for myself and would have taken a photo, but she looked a bit tired and grumpy. I hope her misadventure hasn’t hardened her too much, otherwise I might have to start calling her Surly Cat. No matter, though, I’m just glad my little buddy is back!

I wrote Ron an e-mail right away to let him know that our little cat friend has returned. He was, of course, very happy to hear the wondrous news. Ron is currently in Austin, Texas, visiting his family and covering a Taiwanese band at the South By Southwest music festival, and isn’t due back until next week. Perhaps he can bring back some Texas cat nap to welcome Needy back to her life of being an indoor cat (because according to this blog entry, the cat cafe people ain’t letting her out again for, like, ever).