Egads! I haven’t updated my blog in two weeks. Well, for those of my family members who keep up with it, I’m happy to report that I am neither dead, nor have I eaten myself into a coma. I have been busy with my class, though. I am taking a newspaper reading comprehension course this quarter and I feel like I’ve been doing a lot more work for it than the intensive course I was in during the last two quarters. This is in part because the vocabulary used in newspaper articles is more alien to me than the vocabulary I studied in my other courses (many of which I’d heard in conversation as I was growing up) and in part because my teacher’s tests are pretty hard. I have to keep a certain grade point average for my scholarship, so I’ve been focused on staying safely above that.

I just signed up on Friday to take the Huayu Proficiency Test that is administered by Shida. The benefit of the test is that unless I bomb it, I’ll end up with a certificate that says that my Mandarin is at the intermediate level, which should be helpful for resume purposes.

In other news, I just found my camera battery recharger, so in the next few days expect an onslaught of cat photos. In the meantime, take a look at my friend Andrea’s new Web site, Trendcetera, a lifestyle trend forecasting Web site. Andrea has spent a considerable amount of time and hard work developing the Web site alongside a very full-time job as a financial journalist, and her baby finally launched this month. Congrats Andrea!