Yes, we are getting married in a zoo. No, I am not kidding.

The past three weeks have been productive, to say the least. On the wedding front, my parents and I found a location, an officiant and a dress, and have made some leeway on the other details. I think that is not bad for a wedding that is still a year away. On the friend front, I got to reunite with several old high school friends and met, for the first time in real life, one of my favorite online Blythe friends. On the visa front, I dealt with the most annoying visa office ever and, as a result, had to extend my vacation by one week. Argh. The less said about the visa office, the better.

On the professional front, I got hired before I left for a features reporting job at the same newspaper Ron works for, which means we will be colleagues for the first time. I know a lot of people think working with your spouse is a recipe for disaster. Ron and I, however, worked together on articles and projects in journalism school, so I have a good sense of what the advantages and disadvantages of working together as a couple are, and I think we are well-prepared for them. In fact, we just got our first joint professional byline together.

And, last but most certainly not least, I recovered my Scarface talking key chain from my boxes. After a nine-month-long hiatus, I am back to my regularly scheduled annoying-everybody-around-me-with-an-endless-string-of-tinny-sounding-Tony-Montana-quotes. Yippee!