I would like to wish my father and Ron Happy Birthday! 祝你生日快了! Yes, they were born on the same date.

Here is a recent picture of my dad I took on my last trip home. As you can see, our fatty cat likes to rest in the crook of my dad’s arm. I think DeeDee is my father’s favorite child. That is fine with me:

Dad and his little buddy, DeeDee

And here is Ron with Friendly and Needy on his lap:

Ron is a cat bed

Needy is so needy. Last week, she intercepted me in front of my building and started circling my legs. I bent down and pet her, and then resumed looking for my keys. So she nipped me! On my calf! And then she resumed circling, like nothing had happened. Oh Needy, how could you?

Anyway, Happy Birthday to my Dad and Ron!