…came and went on Thursday and I missed it! MISSED IT, I TELL YOU!

You know, I just realized that whenever I do something stupid from now on, I can’t tell people “well, gee, cut me some slack, I’ve been here less than a year!” I’ll have to start telling people “well, gee, cut me some slack, I’ve only been here a year!”

So what has happened in the past year? I pretty much listed it all in my birthday post a few weeks ago. What else? Well, my hair is fluffier now:


Fun in the supply cabinet!


Fulong Beach

I also no longer raid supply cabinets in my office. Since I work from home now, that would be kind of redundant. Also, I no longer have a supply drawer, so much as a supply mug. You know what? This whole working-from-home thing is not as awesome as I thought it would be. The novelty of being able to wear the same t-shirt for five days in a row without anyone commenting and administering impromptu belching contests against myself for stress-relief has worn off pretty quickly. Even spending my lunch break making silly faces in the bathroom mirror knowing that no one will walk in on me is no longer amusing. But that’s another post all together.