A couple weeks ago, I got a really awesome package from my friend Heidi with some Blythe clothes, Re-ment and a lovely birthday card. Thank you Heidi! Catherine Jr., my evil twin and soulmate, ripped the card from my hands, declaring that since it did not specify “Catherine Sr.,” she was just as entitled to it as I was. And then she grabbed all the clothes for herself. Greedy guts!

A few days ago, Catherine Jr. put on this mod little number and insisted that Ron and I take her for a day of high-end shopping in Xinyi district near Taipei 101.

Catherine Jr. posing prettily in Xinyi

There, she spotted a giant sculpture of a foot in the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi (新光三越) district, and insisted that we photograph her on it:

Catherine Jr. bids bye-bye to the Foot Catherine Jr. on the Foot Catherine Jr. realizes her grasp on Mr. Foot is precarious Thank you Heidi!

After our photo session, Catherine Jr. went shopping for expensive jewelry:

Catherine Jr. checks out some rings

Then she insisted that I buy “at least a Coach” designer purse to carry her around in. I laughed and shoved her back into her polar fleece carrying bag. Silly girl.

While we were out, I commented to Ron that nobody in Taipei stares at us when we take my Blythes out. In States, I would have men fainting, women screaming in horror and children sobbing if I dared to display my dolls out in public. That’s an exaggeration, but people in Taiwan do seem very blase in comparison.

On the other hand, I’ve watched Taiwan TV news clips about Blythe dolls in which collectors mentioned that they do get funny stares and that their friends and co-workers think they are crazy, so I’m surprised people seem so nonchalant. Then again, I guess if someone passed us by, what exactly would they stare at? The big-headed plastic doll? The six-foot-plus tall white guy holding the big-headed plastic doll? Or the English-yapping hua yi with a camera telling the six-foot-plus tall white guy to keep the big-headed plastic doll’s hair from blowing into her face? We’re so weird, we go beyond weird right back into normal again — and that probably explains the lack of double takes. Yay!

Thanks again Heidi for the Re-ment and dresses, I got a big kick out of them :-).