This is not Taipei related, unless you count the fact that Taipei is home to women who have fabulous taste in jewelry (I’m not kidding, even the baubles sold in night markets are pretty epic) and would no doubt appreciate the pieces in WendyB’s fabulous collections . Wendy is a NYC-based jewelry designer, and her very funny and informative blog lights up the fashion/style folder in my Bloglines every morning. She is currently running an auction to help Nie Nie, a blogger and mother to four very young children who, along with her husband, was severely injured in a plane crash that also killed their flight instructor.

Wendy is auctioning off one of her sterling silver Diana necklaces:

I really like the stylized heart shape, which also reminds me of a mother holding her baby, which is especially fitting for Nie Nie. If bidding makes it to $5,000, the winner can select the Diana necklace in 18K gold with a bazillion diamonds in it. There are also tons of other attractive incentives for bidders, including the opportunity to be immortalized in the form of a future WendyB jewelry design named after you. All proceeds will be donated to help Nie Nie and her family with medical bills.

Bidding is drawing to a close soon, so hurry!