… I did have the flu! Argh! It was a very strange permutation this time. Instead of having a really sore throat, like Ron did, I had stomach discomfort and nausea. It was awful. I won’t get into the gory details, but let’s just say I won’t be eating da chang mian xian again for a long time. Or congee for that matter. Which is really too bad, because I love congee, but a week of trying to keep the stuff down is bound to put anyone off of it.

Ron and I are both doing a lot better than we were when we reached the nadir of our sickness last week, but we’re still both easily tired. It’s imperative that the two of us get enough sleep every night right now. Well, this morning we were awakened by a loud argument down on the street at 8:30AM in the morning.

That doesn’t seem early until you take into account that Ron works the late shift at the newspaper and does not come home until around 11PM or so and we usually don’t get to sleep until around 2AM. We couldn’t go back to sleep with all the yammering that was going on, so Ron stepped out onto our balcony to eavesdrop. As it turns out, the argument involved two men and two women from the apartment building opposite us and a mediator. From what Ron overheard, one side was bitching to the other about the size of their electricity bill, which in Taipei comes once every two months.

WELL LA-DEE-FREAKIN’-DA! Let me tell you something. The asshats in the apartment building across the street from us keep their lights on 24/7, so many that they blast into our bedroom window and make it seem like early dawn all night. This really disrupted my sleep for several weeks until Ron and I got used to it (with the help of sleeping masks, natch). It’s not just one tenant, it is usually a couple apartments and the entire goddamn stairwell. The entire place GLOWS. It’s like they are trying to hail their mothership. I hate them. I have no idea if the argument was between a tenant and the landlords of that building or what, but to whoever they are I say, ha ha! Hopefully now they will learn what a useful device this new-fangled thingamabopper called a light switch is.

Living on a small island means that many Taiwanese people have practiced energy-conserving measures for years that people in the US are only just adopting as part of the green movement, like hanging clothes out to dry and using energy-efficient light bulbs, so it’s certainly surprising to see these wasteful jackasses. Seriously, just because your light bulb says it is energy efficient does not mean you can keep it burning all night long. It’s ridiculous.

I hope they had to spend all of their xiao fei quans on that bill. Boo hoo hoo to them! They disrupt my sleep one more time, I’ll show them what a f’ing blaze looks like by BURNING THEIR BUILDING DOWN! Oh yes, I will! Muhahahahahaha!

I’m kidding. I would never, ever commit arson.

Anyway, what was I going to say before I went off on this tangent? Oh yeah. If you’re expecting a reply from me about anything or are wondering why I’ve been even crappier than usual about keeping in touch, please give me a little more time and sorry about the delay!