My Macbook is in the shop. There’s a problem with its hard drive, so I’m getting it replaced while the technicians see if they can retrieve any data. This is not a huge catastrophe, because I do most of my work on my desktop computer and I have backed up most of my media. If the data is lost, it’s mostly a bunch of pictures I saved off the Internet of things like cats doing funny things and vintage dresses I couldn’t fit into or afford), various PDFs and snapshots I didn’t think were worth uploading onto Flickr.

Of course, the problem is now that all that stuff might actually be lost, I really regret not having bothered to back it up. But I can’t justifiy the NT$10,000 to NT$20,000 it might cost to send the hard drive to a data retrieval service. So even though things could be a lot worse, I’m still pretty unhappy. I’m trying to look on the bright side of things. After all, I’d been meaning to go through the files on my computer and do a mass delete of stuff I don’t need because the clutter was getting unmanageable. Well, now it looks like I might not have to do that! Wheeeee.

Anyway, if you want to know, the Apple re-seller I went to is at No. 15, Bade Rd Sec 1, near the corner of Xinsheng North Road. The Chinese address is: 台北市八德路一段15號. Their phone number is (02) 3322-3733. Their service center is on the third floor. Both Ron and I have been there with our various Apple-y tales of woe, and the people we’ve dealt with have always been pleasant and low key. I don’t know if they have employees who are fluent in English, but I guess that’s besides the point. They are fluent in Apple talk and as long as you are too, you should be able to communicate with them.

Seriously, though, if you feel like communication is a problem, I’d recommend bringing a Mandarin-speaking friend with you, not just for language help but for moral support. I know that every time I drop a computer off for repair, the first thing I want to do afterwards is to fall to the floor in a panic attack or sooth myself by buying a brand new iTouch, Bose headphones and some totally unnecessary but stylish accessories. And overeat.