Today is a very special day for me, because it marks the third buyday of my first Blythe doll Farrell.

A little over three years ago, I was at work doing some research for an article about craft Web sites I was thinking of writing when I stumbled upon this entry on Craftlog, about some clothing the blogger was sewing for her first Blythe doll.

The feeling of falling in love with someone has been described as finding the answer to a question you hadn’t even known you were asking. Well, that is how I felt at that moment. Ron was moving to Taiwan in a few weeks and I had been wondering how I would fill up all the time that I had been spending with him when he was away. The second I clicked on the Craftlog link, I knew. It would be spent… in Blytheland.

It just so happened that Toy Tokyo in the East Village had recently launched an exhibit of Blythe artwork, dolls and doll prototypes.


It was SO AWESOMELY AWESOME! I took this as a sign that the whole Blythe thing was kismet.

I hauled Ron along with me. Here he is contemplating his fate as the significant other of a future Blythe herder:


After the exhibit, we went across the street to Toy Tokyo, where I selected Farrell. I named her after Suzanne Farrell, the last great muse of George Balanchine:


Over the last three years, Blythe dolls have brought a great deal of joy into my life.

Best Friends: Farrell and Poindexter Oh no you don't! Farrell, Tanaquil, Farrell Renegade Blythe "Hey lady!" Bye, Kistler Catherine Jr. handles the situation with dignity If looks could kill... Bah, love! NAAAAH, now it's on me! Hey, what's so funny? Commotion in the Blythe House Kistler/Clementine leaving Montauk Tanaquil is disappointed

And Zuleika, Merricat and I appeared in “Haute Doll”!

Guess who's in Haute Doll!!!

Oh, I’m sure my parents were so proud.

I’m sure all of you in the U.S. have noticed by now that Blythe is the covergirl for the Alexander McQueen for Target collection. Whee! I just told Ron that it is Farrell’s third buyday, and he said “only three years!?!” I know, it feels like it’s been forever. I don’t remember what my life was like before Blythe… actually, I do. It sucked! Twenty four years of blandness with intermittent periods of misery. Ugh, thank goodness those days are over. Now it’s all Blythe, all the time.