I’ve been busier than usual lately (did you know that it’s now 11 months too late for Ron and me to say that we still have an entire year until the wedding? OH NO!!!), so if you’ve sent me a question recently, please forgive me for the delay… I’ll answer it as soon as I can, hopefully in the next week.

One of the best parts of wedding planning, aside from knowing that it’s nearing an end, is going through all our old family photos to make the slide show that Ron and I will show to our guests. If you are one of our guests, don’t panic. It will be short. But, seriously, I don’t know how anybody could possibly not get a kick out off my awesome nineties fashions:

My brother covets my outfit

You see the look on my brother’s face? I can’t tell if he’s jealous of me because his acid-wash cargo jeans aren’t good enough for him, secretly laughing at me or overcome with puffy paint fumes.

Another cool thing are the photos of events that I call “Stuff That Only Happens to You When You Are of Chinese Descent.” I give you Exhibit A:

I like to call this photo...

I was rocking a hanfu for a Chinese dance recital. This was when I was 10 years old, and I remember thinking that my classmates and I all looked so glamorous, beautiful and Chinese-y. I didn’t understand why everybody started laughing when the curtain went up. Now I do:

Look at us in our hanfus!

The next picture is from a Chinese class recital when I was around five or so. I think my classmates and I had to sing various songs in Mandarin.

At a Chinese School Chinese New Years performance

This was the part where we all went, “Sorry, that’s all the Chinese we know.”

My Mom also gave me some scans of photos from my one-month celebration. In Chinese tradition, family and friends gather to celebrate on the 30th day after a baby’s birth. Traditionally, eggs are dyed bright red and handed out to the guests. My family also observed other customs, including The Feeding of the Coors Light to the Baby by Her Paternal Grandmother:

Being fed Coors Light

I guess this explains why I refuse to drink beer unless it tastes like water. My NaiNai ruined my palate. I’m kidding. She obviously did not actually feed me any beer. The 7-Up can bong was another matter… I’m kidding again!

Another traditional Chinese custom my parents celebrated was Stuff On My Baby:

Still Life With Baby

I love this photo because you can tell how much my parents really love me. I mean, look at all that stuff they put on me. Three stuffed animals, three silk roses, including one on my head, and a doll wearing a saucy hat.

And lastly but not leastly is this photo of me that my mom labeled “Chinese school award ceremony”:

Chinese school award ceremony

Huh? I won an award in Chinese school? What was the award for? “Most Improved in Breathing Through Nostrils”? “Can Write the Character for ‘One'”? “At Least She Looks Like She Can Speak Chinese”? This just blows me away. On a totally unrelated note, look at the awesome red pumps the adults are wearing!