After our first kiss

Ron and I got married on Saturday at the San Francisco Zoo. I knew our wedding would be a very special and momentous occasion, but I had no idea it would be so much fun! No wonder people get divorced and re-marry so often. I’m kidding. But, seriously, we had a great time, filled with special memories, love, peace, cake and Catherine Jr. (of course I brought my plastic soul mate!).

I’ll write more later, but for now here are a few photos, starting with one of Ron and me on our first carousel ride as husband and wife (well, our first carousel ride, together, period). I’m happy to report that even though the carousel went a lot faster than anticipated, there was no projectile vomiting.

Me and my pig

Petting the baby alligator with aggression issues
My cousins and I meet a baby alligator with aggression issues.

Husband and wife
Right after our ceremony.

Our delicious, beautiful cake
Our beautiful cake. Now I’m glad my parents vetoed my beloved doughnut tower idea.

Ron's Angels?
Ron’s angels?

Our bead ritual
We devised a bead ritual during our ceremony, in which we made necklaces with different stones representing different aspects of our relationship and then gifted them to our mothers.

Sitting with Catherine Jr.
This picture is here as proof that I brought Catherine Jr. to the reception.

Dancing with my dad
Dancing with my dad.

Die cake die!
Cutting the cake in my qipao, wearing a shawl my friend Jess knit for me.

Evonne, the bouquet holder
Evonne finds out that those bouquets are heavier than they look. Her biceps must be ripped now!

"Left foot first!!!"
“Left foot first!!!”

Ron and his parents
Ron and his parents. His groomsmen Max and David are in the back.

With my family
My family. My brother was the videographer for the event, which is why he has a Steadicam strapped to his body. No, he isn’t a cyborg!

With my mom, grandma and my mom's cousins
A congo line of me, Mom, my grandma and my mom’s cousins (I call all of them auntie).

The wedding party
Our wedding party: Ron’s brother David, my cousins Evonne and Christin and Ron’s friend Max.