For those of you who read shu flies on an RSS reader, please visit the Web site. I made a new header and switched to a new template that will allow me to post massive photos and digital collages.

All this is thanks to some new clip art books I bought from Eslite a few days ago and some digital scrapbooking Web sites I’ve been checking out. I started working on an actual scrapbook for our wedding ephemera last week and when I Googled “scrapbooking” I found all these Web sites on how to make collages with PhotoShop. You know, I always made fun of “scrappers” and their tons and tons of crap and the multi-level plastic drawers on wheels that they store their tons and tons of crap in, but I take it all back. Scrapping is so much fun! It’s a lot faster than knitting and plus I now have an excuse for never throwing away or recycling anything. Woohoo!