I got to spend our honeymoon introducing Ron to the Bay Area, which was fantastic because not only is it gorgeous, but we also hope to move there when we repatriate. I never appreciated northern California much when I was growing up there, but now I miss it a lot. We spent our first few days as newlyweds staying by ourselves in San Francisco and then we spent some time with my parents and grandma, who had flown down from Vancouver for the wedding.

The private getaway leg of our honeymoon was spent at the Chateau Tivoli in San Francisco’s Western Addition. It’s a bed and breakfast that was built as a private residence in 1892 and enjoys a fascinating history (it was the home of the Tivoli Opera House’s owner and a girls school, successively).

Exterior and room photo courtesy of the Chateau Tivoli

Staying there was so much more fun than if we had stayed in a hotel. It was as if Ron and I had managed to get into a time machine and then break into some rich person’s house. The inside is absolutely gorgeous and filled with antiques and amazing reproduction wall paper and friezes, there was a champagne brunch on weekends (with yummy French toast, wine and cheese every afternoon in the parlor (which made me feel really refined) and friendly innkeepers. We hope that we’ll be able to have a second honeymoon there one day.

The Sunday after our wedding also happened to be the day of the Bay to Breakers race. It passed by Alamo Square, where Ron and I went to take in the festivities:

Bay to Breakers

A few days later, we were taking a look at Stanford when Ron and I ran into the Burghers of Calais:

Ron checking out the Burghers of Calais by Auguste Rodin
The Burghers of Calais plaque

Ron gets into a heated debate

With my new buddy

We also introduced my dad and my grandma to Ethiopian food, which is one of the few cuisines you can’t find in Taiwan (though if I’m wrong and there is actually an Ethiopian restaurant in Taipei, please tell me. Ron and I are going crazy with longing!)


The two weeks we spent back in California was everything that I could have hoped for. Even though our honeymoon was short, it was still perfect. It was wonderful getting some time to ourselves and it was equally wonderful spending time with my family. Ron and I also got to spend time with a some of our friends, including my friend Naureen, the origami queen (ha ha, that rhymes!). I thought that I would be really sad when all the craziness had wound down and we went back to our normal lives, but as it turns out, I’m just really happy that the two of us have all these happy memories. I know that sounds cheesy, and I am lactose intolerant, but it’s true.