The Fulong Sand Sculpture Festival (2009福隆沙雕藝術季, fú lōng shā diāo yì shù jì) runs until the end of this month and I recommend it for a day trip when the weather is good (I can’t imagine anything less fun than staring at sand sculptures in the rain, no matter how good they are). Click here for the article I wrote about the festival.

(Edited to add: It’s been a very rainy June and I’m not sure how the sand sculptures are holding up right now… then again, with the weather we’ve been having (tropical storms and all), a lot of you have probably tabled your beach outings, anyway!)


Fulong is a great beach even when there aren’t sand sculptures all over the place. Here are some more photos I took at the beach using my Holga 135BC toy camera:

Rainbow Bridge
A couple with a parasol
Little boy and shadow
Matsu, goddess of the sea
Bucktooth rabbit
Sand maze
Fulong Beach looking at Dongsing Temple
Paper lantern fish