Lovely Taiwan (台灣好, 店) is a very cool store that sells traditional handicrafts from all around the country. The proceeds go to the Lovely Taiwan foundation, which in turn redistributes the money to communities and local advocacy groups.

Carved owls from Sanxia (三峽鎮)

Handwoven scarf from the Taiya tribe (泰雅族)

A bag with a traditional aboriginal motif from Taoyuan County (桃園縣)

The store is near exit 2 of the Zhongshan MRT station, in one of Taipei’s trendiest shopping districts. It’s a really fun neighborhood to explore — in addition to having lots of small boutiques tucked into the alleyways and designer clothing shops on Zhongshan North Rd, it is also within walking distance of Yongle Fabric Market and Taipei Film House.

Cowrie shell keychains

The inside of Lovely Taiwan

I totally need to do a post about that 都蘭國小 (Dūlán guóxiǎo, Dulan Elementary) book bag you see up front. It was (and still kind of is) a huge fad in Taiwan among arty people.

Handmade owl music box

Clothing from the Taiya tribe (泰雅族)

Handmade paper owl from Nantou County

Fiber art by Yuma-Taru

Handwoven fabric

For more information about Lovely Taiwan, including its address, please check out my article.