I am now the happy (if somewhat financially stretched) owner of a laptop that does not seem intent on destroying my life. The hard drive of my Macbook broke and since this is the second time it’s gone on the fritz and lost my data in a just half a year, I decided I’d had enough and bought a new Macbook Pro.

I went to Youshi (優仕, yōushì), the Mac affiliate on Bade Rd that’d installed my broken hard drive, (address/contact information is in my previous entry), and they replaced it for free. I’m only planning to use my old Macbook to watch region 3 DVDs and surf the Internet from now on, but I asked the technician what could have contributed to my hard drive’s meltdown, since I wasn’t particularly hard on it (my mostly sedentary lifestyle extends to my electronics, lucky them). He went into great detail about all the things I have to avoid doing, but I’ll just summarize them here:
Don’t shut your laptop while it is still running.
Don’t move your laptop while it is running.
Don’t move your laptop, period.
Don’t pick up your laptop.
Don’t touch your laptop.
Don’t feed your laptop after midnight.
Don’t make direct eye contact with your laptop.
Don’t breath on your laptop.
Don’t talk to your laptop.
Don’t put your laptop on your lap.
Don’t turn your laptop on.
Don’t use your laptop.
All kidding aside, I highly recommend Youshi. I don’t blame them for the meltdown of my replacement hard drive (I blame Hitachi). Their service is very quick, professional and courteous, and while I mainly spoke with their service people in Mandarin, they knew all the English for those pesky technical terms I don’t have stored in my brain (in either language). I don’t know how they’d fare with non-Chinese speakers, but I’m guessing it wouldn’t be a huge problem.
And if you go the church next to Youshi, don’t park your moped out front! Ron and I saw eight of them being towed away during a service. I guess Taipei traffic cops don’t wait for God.