I was going through family photos the other day and found this one of my brother from 2005 or so. I figured that it’s old and small enough to post without Mike killing me, so behold!

This is what my brother looks like when he’s strolling around Los Angeles. I’m kidding, that’s his shinkendo outfit. 

Apparently, my brother is handsome. I know this because every time I show pictures of my family to female friends, they squeal, “Oooooh, you have such a handsome brother!”
“That’s nice,” I respond. “Please, don’t ever say that again.” I mean, I’m proud that I come from such a hot gene pool (even if I missed out on the benefits, DAMMIT), but, seriously, how many sisters like to see their friends salivate over pictures of their brother?

The celebrity that my brother is most often compared to is Takeshi Kaneshiro (金城武, Jīn Chéngwǔ), a Japanese-Taiwanese actor and singer:

This is not the best picture of Takeshi, but his head is tilted at roughly the same angle as my brother’s in the pic above. 
If you are at all interested in Japanese- or Chinese-language cinema, you’ve probably seen Takeshi’s work. His most recent films include The Battle of Red Cliff trilogy and House of Flying Daggers. He was also in Turn Left, Turn Right (向左走·向右走; Xiàng zuǒ zǒu, xiàng yòu zǒu), a Taiwanese romantic comedy that was based on a book by Jimmy Liao (幾米), an extremely popular illustrator and writer. The sweet theme song to the film is one of my favorite pieces of Mandopop. I was watching the music video on YouTube the other day and every time Takeshi showed up on screen, my brain would say “oh, he’s hot,” followed by “he looks like your brother!” followed by “now I feel creepy!”

I own a Chinese-language Vogue with Takeshi on the cover. Next time I visit my parents, I’m swapping one of my brother’s portraits on the family room mantle with it. MUHAHAHAHAHA!