One of the drawbacks of owning a Fridgidaire brand television is that it doesn’t really work. Ron and I bought it secondhand back when I was on scholarship and we didn’t have a lot of money to throw around. We’ve been dragging our feet about getting a new TV because our apartment came with a hideous, generally useless and GIGANTIC cabinet that takes up an entire wall and we would have to rearrange the rest of our living room in order to fit in a flat panel. I usually don’t miss having a functional television… but I do regret not being able to watch the 2009 Deaflympics opening ceremony live. Watch this video to see why:

Isn’t it amazing? It pay tribute to Taiwanese food and features giant slices of beef, noodles, corn, mushrooms, steamed dumplings and other yummy things being chased around by chefs in miniskirts wielding large butcher knives, spatulas and whisks while break dancers in red and gold pantaloons do one-handed headstands in the background. At one point, it appears that the edibles give up and do a cheer routine with the chefs. Someone raps in Mandarin about how fresh and tasty Taiwanese food is and then the various ingredients succumb to their fate in giant pots as the audience goes wild. Fireworks go off. I think I had a dream like this once, a wonderful, wonderful dream.

This reminds me of something my father said once. When I was still living in New York City, my parents came to visit relatives in Taipei. Ron was already here, so they met up. During dinner, Ron asked my Dad if he thought I’d like living in Taipei. Dad replied: “Of course. Catherine likes to eat and food is cheap here.” Oh, how well my baba knows me.

I’m a bit sad that the 2009 Deaflympics are almost over. I’ve seen posters and promotions for the event since I moved to Taipei two years ago — and before that. In December 2006, I took a photo of this subway ad when I came to visit Ron:

Sign for the Deaf Olympics

Time moves so quickly.