A couple months ago, I ordered a Momo Tarou figure at the Taipei Toy Festival. Momo Tarou is a little peach who gets around by fart propulsion:

Momo Tarou by Half Dozen (半打)

Momo Tarou arrived at my house this morning but I missed him. Ron and I heard the postman ring the doorbell but we ignored it because the only people who call on us are usually a) trying to sell us something, b) trying to convert us to something or c) have the wrong address but refuse to believe it.

I was so sad when I saw the slip the postman left behind in our mailbox, but it had a couple of telephone numbers on it. I rang one of them to ask if I could pick up Momo Tarou at the post office. The man who answered said Momo Tarou was still on the road with the postman, but that the postman’s name was Mr. Cheng and I should try calling him on his cell phone. So I did, and Mr. Cheng is stopping by with Momo Tarou in about an hour!

Chunghwa Post (中華郵政, Taiwan’s postal service) is totally making my day. When I missed a package in NYC, I usually had to haul myself to the post office and wait in line for half an hour or so. I’m not complaining about the USPS’s employees. Yes, there were certain people who were slow or incompetent (I got to know my neighbors pretty well because we were constantly exchanging misdelivered mail), but most of the time the hold up was due to obnoxious customers (I once saw a man take 10 minutes at a window to shake a package and tell the woman who was helping him, “I don’t think everything I ordered is in here.” It took forever for her to get him to leave.). My experience with USPS staff has been positive for the most part — but I certainly would never have been able to reach any of them via cell phone!

In contrast, I’ve been extremely pleased with the personable service at Chunghwa Post. My local post office is run very smoothly (and I’ve yet to encounter a jackass customer, though I’m sure my time will come) and the post office Web site is helpful in Chinese and English. Taiwanese stamps are also quite pretty and worth a gander, for you philatelists out there.

中華郵政的服務好棒!我今天收到Momo Tarou了。 牠是個很愛放屁的桃子。牠放屁放的這麼厲害,牠會往上飛。

ETA: An update — say hello to my little friend!

Momo Tarou