As it turns out, Ah-Gou is a boy. We found out while cleaning him today. The poor dog was FILTHY. Ron also cleaned off some of his tear stains with cotton pads and we brushed his hair. We’re taking him to the vet tomorrow and then hopefully to the groomers. I want to make sure Ah-Gou looks spic and span when we have to tell our landlords about him… and also for the adoption notices we might have to make.

Ah-Gou has been through a lot already and we want to make sure that he ends up in home with really responsible owners. We also think that he is actually an older dog and perhaps a Maltese or Maltese mix. His age might make him a bit more difficult to adopt out, but on the other hand he has a mellow and sweet personality. He hasn’t made a sound all day, aside from panting happily when I gave him a back rub. We made a bed for him in a box and he basically just stays in there, snuggled in a corner.

I’ll post pics of him soon. He is a lot cleaner now but his face is still pretty funky. I don’t want to post photos of him on this blog looking all grody. As Ron put it, “how would you like it if someone posted photos of you looking not at your best?” Well, that’s already happened. Thanks, Facebook. Anyway, wish us luck. I speak fluent cat but my dog is a bit rusty!