Ron was out getting coffee this morning when he stumbled upon a puppy in a cardboard box. Apparently, some jackass had abandoned their dog in one of the parks near our house. We couldn’t bear to leave the puppy in the park, so Ron took her/him home while I called Animals Taiwan. We have no idea what gender the poor pup is, but I’m going to call her/him Ah-Gou (the Taiwanese version of “doggy”) for now and refer to Ah-Gou as a she.

Animals Taiwan sent me a document with a couple of options on it. The first is to catch, neuter and release (CNR). Since Ah-Gou is just a puppy and was clearly meant to be someone’s companion dog (we believe she’s a Maltese), I don’t think that option works for her. Instead, we’re going to clean Ah-Gou up (her dumbass of a former owner let her get filthy), take her to a vet and help her get adopted. I wish we could keep Ah-Gou, because she’s such a nice, sweet dog, but I don’t think our landlord would be happy with us. Ron and I want to find her a good family, because we don’t want her to grow up into a jittery, unhappy dog with abandonment issues.

Anyway, I’ll post photos of Ah-Gou after we clean her up. She’s clearly a very pretty little puppy, even though her former owners didn’t take care of her. She’s wearing a red collar (with no info on it, of course), but aside from that, they haven’t trimmed her fur in some time, and it is dirty and matted along her paws and belly. There are tear stains along down the edges of her nose that have become black and crusty. The later really pisses me off because while Malteses tend to develop tear staining, it wouldn’t be this bad unless someone had neglected her for a long time.

I could go on and on about how I feel about people who abandon their pets, but I don’t want anyone to read this entry and making a sweeping generalization about Taiwanese attitudes toward animals. I might write more about that topic later, but right now I have to spend some time making mommy noises at Ah-Gou so she doesn’t get stressed out. I’m not leaving the apartment today because I don’t want Ah-Gou to think she’s being abandoned again. It’s a good thing I work from home.

And if anyone has any advice on how to take care of a Maltese puppy OR knows of a good, responsible potential owner, PUUUUUHLEASE let me know. Leave me a comment here or e-mail me at the address to the right.