“They’re all gonna laugh at you… they’re all gonna laugh at you… “

Need a Halloween costume in a hurry? Then check out my article on “costume row” in Ximending (PDF link or Web site). There is a row of very well-stocked costume rental shops and dance wear stores on Hanzhong St (漢中街) between Chengdu Road (成都路) and Zhangsha Street (長沙街). To get there, get off at the Ximending MRT stop, walk out of exit 1 and make a left. I also included information on Ben Nye Taiwan (花莉), which has a huge selection of stage and special effects make up. The manager is fluent in English, too.

If you want to go the DIY route, check out my articles on the neighborhood of craft stores behind Taipei Main Station (pdf link) and Yongle Fabric Market (which is within walking distance of the station, too).

As for my costume… I’m just going to throw together a few pieces from my own closet. Yes, my dress sense is weird enough to support that. It’s gotten every weirder since I moved to Taiwan and learned that ruffles, pleating, rhinestones, lace, pouffy sleeves, shoulder straps that tie in jaunty bows and a double-layered tulle crinoline are all OK for grown ups to wear on a daily basis — in the same outfit! Muhahaha!