When I’m walking about, I like to keep my eyes out for interesting patterns and textures… and the occasional line or two of roadside poetry.

Fire engine lane

Bopo... you mofo! Diamond in the rough Serendipitous poetry Plants on crack

“Leonardo da Vinci saw trees, towns, battles and a lot of other things in the stains he found on old walls…”

Aluminum siding

“…Not everyone sees pictures in the fire, or in the clouds, and of those who do, not all see the same thing. It depends on what they are looking at, and on who is doing the looking…”

Jailed plant Cement clouds

“…The double images may either be obvious or concealed…”

Class times Spotted plant Rust and bricks

“… the second image works on the subconscious and may well have a more lasting effect, for it seems to the viewer to be a private acquisition, a personal discovery that he has made inside or beyond what was obvious to everyone else.” — Bruno Munari

Mr. and Ms. Patch
I really love living in this country. To be honest, when I first moved here from the US, I came with a great deal of ambivalence for various reasons. I also missed having a daily routine and having to be so hyper-conscious of everything I said or did because of the language and cultural barriers.

But after two years, I’ve settled in, and one of the things I love most about my daily life in Taipei is seeking out the beauty in the ordinary. Taiwan is famous for its flamboyantly beautiful natural scenery and gorgeous temples, but the little cracks and flaws in Taipei’s urban landscape and the stories they tell are what I hold dear to my heart. (Though if I fell into a hole in the road, I’d be pretty damn angry… there’s a difference between little cracks and poorly tended infrastructure!)