Camera Obscura at The Wall (這牆音樂藝文展演空間)

This entry is one for the “I totally cannot believe I did not blog about this when it actually happened!” files. A year ago, Camera Obscura, one of my favoritest bands in the wholest, widest world, came to play at The Wall (這牆), a indie music venue near National Taiwan University. I cannot tell you how amazing this was for me.

The period of time before I left New York City was bittersweet. I was looking forward to moving to Taipei, reuniting with Ron and studying Mandarin, but it was hard to leave the city that had been the locus of all my dreams and goals since I was a teenager. Even before I finally got on that plane headed westward, I started to miss my friends, my routines and the streetscapes that had been my life since graduating from college.

Around the same time, Camera Obscura’s album “Let’s Get Out of This Country” came out. A lot of the songs really spoke to how I was feeling and I put the album on repeat during my hour-long commute each way to work. They performed in New York City before I left, but I didn’t have time to go (and even if I did, I wouldn’t have had the money). When I heard they were performing just down Roosevelt Rd. from where I live, my head nearly exploded. I didn’t even know Camera Obscura had a following in Taiwan (though in hindsight, it isn’t surprising that their music appeals to indie rock/pop lovers here). The Wall wasn’t jam-packed, but the turnout was good and you can tell that everyone there was really passionate about what they were listening to.

My two favorite songs back in 2007 were (fittingly enough) “Let’s Get Out of This Country”…

…and “Razzle Dazzle Rose” (here they are performing the song in Taipei):

For more about this awesome band, read my colleague David’s interview with its lead singer.