A rear view mirror shot on Fuji Instax film

I am going to cheat and just do a picture post today because I am very tired! I just came back from watching “This is It” in Ximending with friends. We went to Snow King (雪王) afterward, where I had pork floss (肉鬆,dried shredded pork) ice cream that tasted just like pork floss. My taste buds were extremely confused.

I hear our kitten in the other room doing something unspeakable to a plastic bag, so I have to go check on him. Ron found one of my Blythe dolls on the rug this morning. Apparently Taroko George had knocked her off her perch on the piano (our landlord’s), dragged her several feet and then attempted to ravage her hair. She’s my Kozy Kape, too (other Blythe lovers will know how HORRIBLE that was for me)! Bad cat!