Upside down

It’s been a little more than three weeks since we took in Taroko George and he’s growing steadily. Our little kitten has gained about .53 kilograms, a third of his body weight! He’s becoming a young tomcat now. The vet says he’ll grow up to 5 or 6 kg. Woo-hoo! I love big cats.

Taroko George in repose

Running away from the Blythes
Taroko George runs after overhearing the Blythes conspire to put him in a saddle and ride him like a tiny pony.
Satisfied Taroko George and the blue space cat
Taroko George is also very vocal and meows all day long, especially at 7AM in the morning, when he stands outside our bedroom door and demands that we wake up and pay him a tribute of food. We both work in the evenings, so 7AM is very early for us. He then goes insane and orders us to let him into our bed, where he declares war on our comforters and feet. Aside from that, having Taroko George in our lives has really made Ron and me very happy. He’s like a little ray of furry, hyperactive sunshine.

I really consider it kismet the way he came into our lives…. and you know what? I think it’s all due to the fact I posted about “Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing?” (搭錯車), a film about an abandoned baby and her adoptive father. The next day, we found what we assumed was an abandoned dog, and a few days later we picked up a cat that actually had been abandoned! Gosh, I really should try watching a movie about someone who stumbles upon a lot of abandoned cash next. Anyone have any suggestions?