One of the coolest things about living in Taipei is looking out for these little boxes:

Goat milk 3
Goat milk 1

They are for home deliveries of miniature goats! Ha ha, I’m kidding. They are for home deliveries of cute little glass bottles filled with fresh goat milk. Here are some empties from a satisfied customer:

Goat milk 2 with bottles

The company responsible for this adorableness is called the Chianan Goat Milk Cooperative (嘉南羊乳). You can check out their Web site, which introduces the goat breeds they keep. Or you can look at this flier, which is one of my favorite bits of paper ephemera. Someone shoved it into my hand near the Zhongshan MRT station one day and I lovingly taped it into my scrapbook with some polka-dotted MT washi tape:

Goat milk flier
For a bigger version, click here.

As you can see, there are no less than eight flavors, including two yogurt varieties. Isn’t this awesome? I just think it’s so cool that in Taipei, a bustling, modern city, milkmen still make their rounds every morning — just like in 1969 London! Eeeeeeeee!

到處都看得到這些小盒子。 好可愛!!!