Our venue manager told us that we have to bring CDs to play at our banquet tomorrow. I’d assumed that we could just plug one of our iPods in. Burning mix CDs?!? That is so, like, 1998. Then I remembered I have four box sets of Mandopop songs from the 1960s. I could totally play those! My qipao is a bit old-fashioned and I’m wearing a vintage cocktail dress for the rest of the evening, so it would all go together. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to sort out all the “oh, woo is me, my cheating scumbag of a husband just left me” songs from the “isn’t love filled with rainbows and puppies, wheee!” songs. Maybe I’ll just ask the venue to play the songs at a very, very low volume. It’ll add some vintage ambiance, but no one will be able to tell what anyone is singing. Heh heh heh.

In case you can’t tell, I’m not exactly the queen of events planning.

ETA: I’ve just figured out what to do! All Won Fu (旺福), all the time. They are my favorite Taiwanese indie pop band and while their lyrics are saucy, I haven’t heard anything that would be considered inappropriate. Then again, I have a habit of not paying attention to music lyrics. If you are aware of anything filthy in any of Won Fu’s albums, puh-lease tell me within the next 24 hours!