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Me and MeiMei

MeiMei Shu, my family’s beautiful, wonderful cat, passed away. My parents (who are still in Taipei with me right now) and I just found out and we are devastated. MeiMei was the most affectionate, loving cat you can imagine. One spring break home from college, MeiMei saw me crying and comforted me by stroking the tears off my face. I don’t get to go back to California often, but every time I did, MeiMei was my special little cat once again. She followed me everywhere I went, running after me if she felt I was going too fast. When she was still a tiny kitten, Meimei would ride around on my shoulders.

Every morning, she’d go into my parents’ room and wake them by kissing and nuzzling their faces. She liked her alone time and spent a lot of time curled up under the bed in my parents’ guest room, but every time I reached under there, she’d sniff my hand and rub her head against it. When she met Ron for the first time, she flipped over on her back, kneaded the air in welcome and let him stroke her. Even though she was very shy, she let him pet her and cuddle her every time he saw her. My grandma also stayed with us for our wedding and MeiMei went into her room and snuggled against her shoulder as a wake-up call each morning. All cats have distinct personalities (or catsonalities, as my Mom says) and MeiMei was definitely an introvert. We rarely heard her meow and we often joked about her neurosis because she’d spend all daylight hours squirreled away underneath some piece of furniture, but she was also one of the most loving cats I’ve ever met.

My parents have a very responsible person cat-sitting for them. Reyna found MeiMei curled up in her usual spot under the bed yesterday, with DeeDee sitting next to her, watching over her (he loved her so much — every time DeeDee saw her, he’d coo like a dove in joy, the only time we ever heard him make that noise). Her last regular vet check-up early this year was normal. My parents’ house is completely cat-proofed and they said that the only thing they’d noticed different about her was that she’d lost a little weight, but other than that, she was as playful and affectionate as ever. Before they left for Asia a couple weeks ago, she was scampering around and playing with DeeDee. We have no idea what happened and my parents, my brother and I are in shock. My parents are scheduled to fly home tonight and are going to try to comfort DeeDee and to find out what happened to MeiMei.

I’m crying so hard right now… cats give you so much completely unconditional love and yet sometimes everything you do is not enough to make them stay with you for as long as you wish they could.

MeiMei, you were an angel who brightened all our lives immeasurably. You were a constant in my life during a time when it was often interrupted by periods of deep unhappiness. You filled our home with warmth and sweetness. We thought you’d be with us for so many more years. If there was anything we could have done for you but didn’t, we are so sorry. I hope you are at peace now, and please watch over DeeDee and Taroko George. We all miss you so, so much.

MeiMei一路好走 。媽媽, 爸爸, Michael和我都好想念妳。 妳是個小天使。。。我們沒想到妳會這麼快回到天上。。。但是我們希望妳在那裡能快樂。。。我也希望妳能夠從貓咪天堂看守DeeDee和Tarako George.