ETA: I’ve gotten some questions on how to vote. Just look for the salmon pink box to the left of my blog description and click on the plus sign underneath. I’ve heard feedback that the site might not work on certain versions of Internet Explorer, but it works fine on Firefox and Safari.

The second annual Taiwan Best Blog Awards are afoot and I have decided to enter Shu Flies this year. Here is the direct link to my blog’s entry in the Taiwanderful blog directory.

  • If my entries about indie shops and designers in Taipei have helped you empty your wallet of super-heavy NT currency, please vote for me (and there are plenty more entries to come, since indie design is part of my beat for work and a personal passion)!
  • If my posts on candy stores in Taipei have made you comfortably plump just in time for the winter chill, please vote for me!
  • If you have found something to relate to in my posts about how being a Taiwanese-American living in Taiwan has impacted my sense of identity (or at least found my blatherings on the subject somewhat interesting), please vote for me!
  • If you are another person of Taiwanese descent living in Taiwan who speaks Mandarin with a foreign accent and constantly gets mistaken for being Japanese, with people often randomly addressing you in Japanese and sometimes even going so far as to bow to you when they say good-bye, thereby making you feel extremely awkward because you don’t know if you should correct them and tell them that you are actually American, please vote for me (and please e-mail me, because I think we might have a lot to talk about).

Several of my favorite Taiwan blogs (my link list is to the right) are also entered in the awards. You can vote once per day from each IP address and are not limited to picking just one blog, so make sure to spread the love around!