A few days ago, Animals Taiwan sent out this e-mail:

本週日晚間10點在Discovery 頻道將播出 (聚焦台灣:搶救流浪動物) 此單元除了採訪一直協助我們協會的汐止林醫師之外,也拍攝了很多我們協會相關的鏡頭. 請大家要準時收看哦.
On December 6th at 10:00pm there will be a documentary on the strays of Taiwan on the Discovery Channel. This program was filmed in Taiwan and has an interview with Dr. Lin, our wonderful Dr from Shiji. There will also be many pictures from AnimalsTaiwan and information about the stray problem in Taiwan. This is a great opportunity for more exposure about the stray problem in Taiwan and hopefully it will help our plight in helping the strays. So please tell your friends about this and settle down in front of the TV with tissues at hand to watch the documentary.

Here’s a trailer (only the first part is about the stray dogs):

Ron and I are still working on replacing the Frigidaire television, so we won’t be able to watch the program tonight, but I highly recommend it for anyone with cable in Taiwan. The stray problem in this country is something that is close to my heart, especially since we rescued our own little Taroko George off the street (though he would argue that he rescued us from a tragic case of feline deprivation syndrome). Taroko George is doing great, laying waste to all paper items in the house and using my reporting satchel as his own personal scratching post/nap pad, but there are still so many animals are out there on the streets in Taiwan.

tuching mah toes
“doing mah pilahtes, iz good 4 mah kore mussles”

If you are a long-term resident of Taiwan or can take a pet back with you when you repatriate to your home country, please consider adopting a dog or cat (Susana, who lives in Spain, did just that with a beautiful black dog named Gaby). Otherwise, please support Animals Taiwan and their fellow animal welfare groups, many of which are linked on the left hand side of their site.

(And, on a self-serving note, please remember to vote for my blog in the Taiwan Best Blog Awards. Remember, it’s one vote per IP address per 24 hours!)