Booday 蘑菇

As some of you may know, I started a style/decorating/DIY blog called The Renegade Bean this summer. I’m planning to move some of my posts about Taiwan designers and brands over there. The Renegade Bean gets a more international group of readers than shu flies and I hope that I can use that blog to spread the word about Taiwan’s amazing design community. I’ve already written about Epanouir, one of my favorite Taiwanese high street clothing lines and I just posted photos from my reporting trip to Booday (蘑菇), as well as my article. If you have been living in Taiwan for a while and are part of the demographic that enjoys “slow” living, organic goods, indie pop, toy camera, Polaroid and film photography and DIY projects, then you’ve probably already heard of Booday. They are located near the Zhongshan MRT station and have a lovely cafe on the second floor that serves freshly-baked goods and a delicious set meal made from organic rice grown on small farms in Hualian. It’s well worth a visit, especially since they are next door neighbors with Lovely Taiwan (台灣好, 店).