The past half year has been a difficult one for me in terms of my health. I’m working on taking care of myself and I do feel better (no more three-week-long backaches and migraines, heeyay!), but it’s an ongoing process with a lot of ups and downs.

To keep myself positive, I’ve decided to start a weekly series of gratitude journals called Thankful Fridays (at first I wanted to write it Fankful Fridays, but even I wouldn’t stoop that low with wordplay). Here goes:

天天天天 by Won Fu (旺福)
  • I am thankful that even though this steamed egg I made in my new Tatung rice cooker turned out looking like the surface of the moon, it tasted fine. I flavored it with some salty dried shrimp and a bit of miso paste. Does anyone know how to achieve a silky smooth custard-like surface? I thought I had the right proportion of egg and water, but obviously not. Maybe I beat the mixture too much before steaming it.
IMG_4203 Taroko George, the golden cat
  • I’m glad that I work from home so I can keep company with our crazy beast cat. Taroko George is so sweet. I know cats like to sit on computers, but Taroko George only plops himself on my keyboard when I’m on deadline. He knows I’m stressed out, so that is his way of comforting me. Isn’t that thoughtful of him?
  • It’s hard being away from so many of my friends, but on the other hand, I’m grateful that I now have friends all across the world — and the opportunity to meet new people all the time. This has certainly forced me to come out of my shell over the past two years.

I have a question for my fellow Taiwan residents and people who love this country in general — what about living in Taiwan makes you happy?