Ignore the sticker thing in the upper left hand corner, that’s not usually part of the book design

Anyone who grew up in Taiwan during the 1980s is familiar with these illustrated textbooks. In fact, I remember using them during the Saturday morning Chinese classes I was hauled to as a kid.

Above two photos from here

Above two photos from here

The children in the drawings look so cheerful, so peppy and so happy to be going to school. And you know how real-life kids hate that. I only had to look at these drawings for two hours each week (well, and while I was “working on” my Chinese assignments) and they made me want to hurl. I can’t imagine having to see them every weekday!

Well, as it turns out, graphic design team UglyFamily felt exactly the same way I did. Look at these awesome pastiches they issued last year:

My favorite is this one. The caption (complete with bopomofo) says “再見了,學校,” or “Good-bye, school.”
Photos from UglyFamily’s blog

The pamphlets also riff off of 作業簿 (zuò​yè​ bù​), or homework workbooks:

Above photo from here

I wish I’d had those workbooks when I was a kid in Chinese school! Unfortunately, UglyFamily’s workbooks were part of a limited series launched last summer, so they’ve sold out already. But if you are infatuated with the designs, you can buy them in the form of t-shirts at Betelnut in 16 Workshops (16工房) at the Red House (西門紅樓) in Ximending. For more information, check out their blog or this article I wrote about them a few months ago.

Photo from Betelnut