What I’m thankful for this week:


  • Walking towards Yongkang St (永康街) and seeing a small crowd absolutely enthralled by the sight of a tree being trimmed. It was pretty cool, actually. The man was so high up in a crane and working a chainsaw! As someone who is scared of heights and chainsaws, that really impresses me. Tons of branches were being hacked down… the pavement was literally covered with them. Yes, there will be chlorophyll.


I am also thankful for being easily amused.

  • Little stores like VVG Something (好樣本事). I’m trying to budget my money (seriously, Mom!) and be less of a consumerist, but it just makes me happy to know that people are opening stores like VVG Something, which displays books about art and design… like art objects. You can sit in an armchair with a book and order a coffee from VVG Bistro across the way. It’s obvious the managers are bona fide bookworms. I’ll blog more about them later, in the meantime, read the article I published a few days ago.


  • I saw this ad for a weight loss drug and it made me realize that living in a country where 60 kilograms (or roughly 132) pounds is considered disgustingly fat has forced me to rethink the way I look at my body. I need to take medication that makes me feel bloated sometimes; as someone with a chronic illness, I simply no longer have the luxury of seeing my body as a purely decorative object. I was a chubby little girl and got teased a lot because of it. As a result, I turned into a teenager and adult who was always worried about being considered fat or pudgy. I’m so over that bullshit right now. Anyone who has a problem with the way I look can kiss my curvy yellow butt. As it is, I’m glad I’m changing my attitude toward my body. It’s taken long enough!
  • I am SO GRATEFUL that Dixiajie (地下階), an awesome used bookstore on Yongkang St. that looks like the basement of your crazy professor/hoarder uncle (for those of you lucky enough to have crazy professor/hoarder uncles) had not one, not two, not three, but FIVE different volumes of “The Babysitters Club!” Woohoo! Unfortunately, they did not have the one where they visit New York City and Claudia gets in a fight with Stacey’s rich friend Laine. I saw that a few months ago and should have seized the opportunity, but didn’t. Darn. But I don’t much to complain about! I’m looking forward to tucking myself into bed tonight with my ceramic heater on, Taroko George curled up next to me and a 20-year-old copy of “Claudia and Mean Janine.” (Though I don’t know what your crazy professor/hoarder uncle would have been doing with copies of “The Babysitters Club.”)
  • My husband is looking at my blog. Apparently he “needs something to read right now.” So I should add that I’m grateful I have a husband who adores cats. That would have been a dealbreaker for me. No joke. I love you, Ron!