I’m glad Taroko George gives us an excuse to not make the bed until afternoon.

1. I am thankful for books.com.tw (博客來). They have a large selection of English-language books and if they don’t have the volume you want, can bring it in from overseas. You don’t pay shipping costs — only the list price of the book. And best of all… they do cash-on-delivery to your nearest 7-Eleven! Books.com.tw was the only place I could find Mary McCarthy’s “The Group” in Taiwan (and Hong Kong indie band The Marshmallow Kisses’ latest album). Of course, in-stock books and CDs arrive much faster — usually the next day or day after, depending on what time you place your order. Thanks, Taispy, for recommending the Web site! (A caveat: You have to be able to read Chinese to navigate books.com.tw. If you are still learning, I recommend having a friend help you — it’s not that time consuming to place an order.).

2. I had a great time hanging out with my friends this week! I saw my friends Anna, Mer and Mer’s two awesome friends from the US Lili and Matt on Tuesday. We went to a great restaurant, a bar with the most intriguing cocktails ever and Party World (錢櫃). If you go to Party World for K-TV, make sure to pick “Thriller.” It’s worth it just for the totally random video they cobbled together from stock footage. I also saw my friend Lauren today. Thanks for letting me haul you all over Xinyi!

3. I’m grateful I did not get “motion sickness” and hurl all over the place when Ron and I went to see “Avatar” in 3-D Imax at Miramar (美麗華百樂園), even though we had to sit in the third row because we bought tickets late. The fact that the Chinese subtitles were swimming out at me was a pretty trippy bonus. Joy!