A few weeks ago, I posted on my other blog about Booday (蘑菇), a Taiwanese lifestyle brand I’m wrote about a few months ago. They also have a great cafe right above their store (and below their design studios), but I never got around to writing about it, because every time I eat there I finish my food before I get my camera out.

Well, a week ago I ran into my friend Mer (we’ve run into each other 3 times in the past two weeks) and her friend Matt while grabbing lunch at Booday. I was working on an article about another store nearby, so I had my SLR camera on me. Behold, our Fooday!

I ordered the “one bowl of rice” (一碗飯) set meal, with pork, potatoes, salad on top of rice grown organically on small farms in Hualian (花蓮) and a small dish of pickled better melon and cucumbersIMG_4631
A close-up of the succulent pork, crispy snap peas, tender carrots and potatoes and tangy tomato sauce

Matt’s very lovely bowl of potato soup


Mer had a cheesecake I neglected to take photos of, but she reported that it was very good. If you are in the area around Zhongshan MRT, shopping or looking for an engagement photo studio, I highly recommend a visit. Their signature dish is the set meal I ate, but they also have a good selection of teas, coffees, imported beers, savory snacks and pastries and cakes all baked in the Booday kitchen.