A couple weeks ago, I was walking along Heping E Rd when I felt a chill wind roar through the roots of my chestnut brown locks and harrass my tender scalp. “Gosh, I’d better buy a winter hat to protect my noggin, as I only have the one brain,” I thought. I was determined to buy a simple wool beret in a practical non-color, like grey or black… but got distracted on my way to the nearest boring hat store. Behold!

Photo 60

Photo 58

It’s a tiger hat/mitten combination! I bought him at S&L (勝立生活百貨, shèng​lì​ shēng​huó​ bǎi​huò​) on the corner of Heping E Rd and Fuxing S Rd. It’s one of those megastores where you can buy everything from toothpaste and body-shaping garments to rice cookers and Kaoliang liquor. I find Sir Paws very handy for cold mornings. I plop his head on my head and throw his arms around my neck while I’m making breakfast and putting the dishes away. His paw mittens also come in handy when I’m wrestling with my cat. Speaking of which…

Photo 61

Isn’t it awesome how we match now? I’ve seen Mr. Paws’ siblings for sale in night markets (along with his albino cousin and some panda bears); I highly recommend them. You might save some money on heating bills!