1. I am thankful for K-TV videos that make no sense. (Photo by Mer, thanks Mer!)

2. I’m very happy that there is a place that serves authentic Russian borscht in Taipei so I don’t have to make it (hunting down/peeling beets is not my idea of fun, alas). Ron and I visited the restaurant today and enjoyed the food, though I wish the borscht had been a bit beetier. It was good, though, and came with a dollop of sour cream (which is not easy to find in Taipei, as my Shida classmates and I discovered when we had taco night).

3. This week I read a book in Chinese that had been originally written in French and then interviewed its author in English. Linguistic cognitive dissonance — but a fun experience! The interview was at the Taipei International Book Exhibition 2010. This year’s focus is on French books and authors, but they have tons of other things, including mooks (combination magazine/books), comics, educational materials and children’s picture books. I highly recommend a visit.