Taipei City Parks rules
Click here to see a larger version. Sorry about the flash!

I was taking a short cut through a nearby park the other day when I ran into this fascinating sign listing all the things you can’t do in Taipei City parks (one of the things I love about Taipei is that there seems to be a small park or at least a patch of grass and trees with some benches every few blocks). I think most of the rules seem reasonable — allowing vendors would turn a lot of parks into mini-night markets and I certainly wouldn’t want to run into a defecating or urinating person while I was out taking a stroll (though I did see some guy peeing against a wall on Heping E Rd the other day. That was the first act of public whizzing I’ve seen in Taiwan and I was livid. Though I didn’t say anything to him. Yeck.).

I am curious, however, about this line in Punitive Provisions no. 2: “Those who bring attack-type animals into a park with an accompanying adult or without appropriate protective measures will be subject to a fine of NT$20,000 to NT$100,000.” Are they talking about children?

Har har, I crack me up.