A few days ago my friend Lisa, who write for Smithsonian magazine’s “Food & Think” blog, contacted me about treats eaten during the Lunar New Year here in Taiwan. Here’s the entry, with me talking about some of the stuff I have personally shoveled down my mouth during this most food-oriented of holidays.

I ate all of these things last year (and then some) when I was back in California planning our wedding and my trip happened to fall over the Lunar New Year. My parents and I met with some of our relatives and family friends at Hong Fu restaurant in Cupertino, where the food was good but service was so achingly slow none of us left feeling stuffed (the wait between courses gave us plenty of time to digest). I thought this was a shame, because Lunar New Year isn’t Lunar New Year unless you finish at least one meal feeling really, really fat. For our combo New Year/Valentine’s Day yesterday, Ron and I celebrated with some less traditional dishes: rib-eye steak, kim chee, red wine, ice cream and sponge cake. The latter two fulfilled my fat-making requirements.

No matter what you ate, I hope you all had a great New Years! Happy Year of the Tiger! By the way, every time I think of tigers, I think of Tony Montana, so here is some “Scarface” wisdom for you, via me and my brother as youngsters:

Scarface birthday